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Welcome Message From The Directors
( Posted on Thursday, February 21 @ 13:41:14 EET by admin )
Dimitrios T. BoumpasDimitris KardassisThe Graduate Program "Molecular Basis of Human Disease" seeks to train physicians in the fundamentals of medical research and biologists and other basic scientists in the medical sciences.

The Program is based at the Medical School of the University of Crete and is located side -byside to the 800 bed University Hospital and the Schools of Biology, Physics and Chemistry of the University of Crete, and the internationally known Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of the Foundation for Research and Technology (FoRTH). The proximity of these institutions brings a remarkable diversity of research opportunities facilitated by an outstanding faculty and state-of-the art research facilities.

In addition to internationally researchers in Greece, the Program includes in its faculty investigators from respectable institutions abroad thus enabling selected students to pursue part of their studies overseas. Above all, the Program is at the heart of disease-oriented medical research providing outstanding opportunities for translational research. The Graduate Program started its operation in the academic year 2003-2004 and after the completion of its three first years, underwent in 2006 the first external evaluation (see full report inside the guide) which concluded that "this is a unique Graduate Program that seeks to train physician scientists and academic leaders for Greek Medicine. The faculty is dedicated to success, the students are outstanding and the courses and training that are offered are excellent. Minor modifications in courses, policies and resources will further improve the Program".

We invite you to take a close look at our Guide and at the profiles of the approximately 40 participating laboratories. As you will find out for yourself, we have remedied most of the initial shortcomings of the Program, while further building on its strengths. As we strive to achieve excellence, we are fully committed to providing outstanding training in the investigation of human diseases.

Dimitrios T. Boumpas, MD, FACP
Director of the Graduate Program
Professor of Medicine
Medical School-University of Crete

Dimitris Kardassis, PhD
Associate Director of the Graduate Program
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Medical School-University of Crete

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